My name is Jan, I am a freelance software developer and consultant based in Berlin, Germany. The web is my home for many years now, and I am proficient in its entire technological stack: from well-defined and battle-tested backend APIs, which smoothly scale on modern cloud infrastructure, through to the fine touches that make for a pleasant user interface. I strive for clear and functional designs – be it systems, code or layout – and have a fondness for robust and ergonomic development environments.

Along with my enthusiasm for technology, my primary driver is to create great software that is meaningful for the people who use it. I believe that effective product development is the art of maximising stakeholder benefit while constantly investing into the efficiency and maintainability of its technical foundations. My aim is to contribute to that process with all my expertise, both on a conceptual level as well as by rolling up my sleeves and getting things done. When it comes to working together I excel in environments that are dedicated to productiveness, quality and collaboration.

If you are interested to work with me, please reach out via e-mail.