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8th Oct. 2018

The art of receiving feedback

Learning to listen to what others feel

3rd Jun. 2018

Web guards

Strategies to check and validate HTTP requests

16th Apr. 2018

Swing the brush

Spring cleaning of my blog

13th Jan. 2018

Open heart surgery

Successful data migrations during full operation

27th Dec. 2017

Critical debug info

Sensible logging in web applications

9th Apr. 2017

Shearing layers

About change, persistence and making decisions

12th Mar. 2017

Docker ABC

A short, fun and explorative tutorial for software developers

7th Mar. 2017


How to approach the search in Berlin

26th Feb. 2017

Fast, cheap and automated

Deploying static websites to AWS

5th Feb. 2017

Protect yourself

A basic guideline to computer security

27th Dec. 2016

The job interview

Asking questions as a candidate

13th Nov. 2016

Optimizing for print

The champions league of responsive webdesign

25th Oct. 2016

The map method

Exploring functional javascript

1st Oct. 2016


Learning from challenges

7th Sep. 2016

Run Monitor

How I keep track of my run training

30th Aug. 2016


Five learnings from half a year of blogging

20th Aug. 2016

Make 404s fun!

Suddenly find yourself on the shell of a crashed web server

5th Jul. 2016

Semantic versioning

Communicate compatibility to API consumers

19th Jun. 2016

What are JSON Web Tokens?

A QnA style blogpost

5th Jun. 2016

“The discount campaign”

A functional javascript code kata

15th May. 2016

JavaScript city tour (2/2)

Second day of the JSConf Budapest, May 2016

12th May. 2016

JavaScript city tour (1/2)

First day of the JSConf Budapest, May 2016

24th Apr. 2016

J4N.IO – Deployment and operating

From the series “Let’s build a REST service”

12th Apr. 2016

Testing and QA of J4N.IO

From the series “Let’s build a REST service”

4th Apr. 2016

Coding J4N.IO with NodeJS

From the series “Let’s build a REST service”

19th Mar. 2016

What is a REST service?

From the series “Let’s build a REST service”

13th Mar. 2016

Let’s build a REST service

Kickoff for a five part blogpost series

27th Feb. 2016

Behind the scenes

The making-of of my blog

7th Feb. 2016

Spread your configuration

Syncing dotfiles with git

31st Jan. 2016

Asynchronous conditionals

The idea behind JS promises

24th Jan. 2016

Stop using ASCII Art

Explore the super powers of your Mac keyboard

17th Jan. 2016

Put your stuff into the world!

Facing the challenges of being a software developer

27th Dec. 2015

Living styleguide

The Haute Couture of my blogposts

14th Dec. 2014

Yet another website framework

Trading upon constraints in small projects

27th Jul. 2014

The backside of CMS-ease

Providing a basis for clients to get along

21st Feb. 2014

The beauty of C++

A tribute to the best programming language

27th Jan. 2014

Working with events and objects on Arduino

A rapid prototyping framework called yps